All photography provided by Jared Chambers


Welcome to Color FX Powder Coating.  In operation since 2001, Color FX is a family owned corporation that was built on the idea that quality and reliability should go hand in hand.  Making sure our customers receive a high quality product, consistently, is our top priority.  As part of our commitment to quality, Color FX is a registered member of the Powder Coated Tough program and strongly values the core beliefs of providing finishes that are durable, attractive, scratch-resistant, and long lasting.

Over the past 15 years, we’ve worked on projects ranging from industrial railing to wheel rims and patio furniture.  Here is a short sampling of some of the items we’ve worked with previously:

Industrial items such as railing, retail displays and structural brackets/casings

Fun items like quad frames, wheels, belt buckles and insulated cups.

Ornamental items including sculptures, patio furniture and gates

If you’re interested in having something powder coated, stop by the shop and we’d be happy to take a look and provide you with a pricing quote.  Our shop is located at 7561 NE 33rd Drive, Portland, OR 97211 and serves customers throughout the Portland Metro area.